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World of Tanks is a multiplayer game in which you will see yourself as a tanker.

At the beginning you will have access to tanks one tier (Tier is equivalent to the level. The game has 10 of them), participating in the battles earn experience and credits. The experience points you wynajdował new modules tanks, and ultimately higher tier tanks.

The random battles start to fight 15 to 15 Participation in these tanks take heavy, medium, light, tank destroyers, and artillery. The game is available for German tanks, the Russian, English, American, and Chinese tanks.

The game is constantly being improved. You can play it for free. Game developers make money on the sale of Gold, for which you can buy unique tanks, as well as giving more premium account and credit experience of the battles. World of Tanks is a game that really draws you in and can while away the time spent at the computer.

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